Employee leasing and recruitment
from Eastern Europe

East-Work provides services in the following fields:

Employee leasing and recruitment from Eastern Europe (outside the European Union). We provide our customers with motivated and highly skilled workers. Our services cover the following industries: food, production, processing, agriculture, horticulture, furniture, construction sector, etc.


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How we work

  • We operate in a comprehensive manner, as we take care of all the formalities related to the workers’ employment and stay in Poland.

  • We generate profits by reducing the human resources costs and increasing market competitiveness.

  • We broaden your horizons, therefore, our cooperation will enable you to extend your company’s flexibility.

A simple begining lead to big ideas
- We started small but grew quickly


Samsung Polska musi szukać pracowników na Ukrainie.

Samsung w Polsce będzie zatrudniał osoby zza naszej wschodniej granicy. Rozpoczną oni pracę w znajdującej się pod Poznaniem f…